I'm adding this page so that people may find other places to train.  Some of these places I've trained at before and some of these places I've known or know people who train there and are just all around great people. I believe people should cross-train and see what else is out there.

JKD Unlimited - Honolulu
Instructor - Sifu Burton Richardson
Awesome place to train and I still train there.  Knives, Sticks. Striking, Clinch, Ground and much more. You will definitely learn a lot and have fun doing it.  Sifu Burton has a wealth of knowledge.

Hawaii Krav Maga - Honolulu
Instructor - Jeff Pelletier
This place will kick your butt! Jeff knows a lot and is very good. We train together and exchange ideas. Definitely check him out.

Get Home Safe - Honolulu
Instructor - Scott Ishihara
Scott is an Instructor Under Burton for JKD, Kali and BJJ blackbelt. He is my instructor also. Check him out he's pretty awesome.

Beach Cities Krav Maga - Huntington Beach
Instructor - Chief Instructor Beau Durocher
If you are in Southern California this is the place for Krav Maga.  Beau is my Krav Maga instructor and he is fantastic.  This place is awesome..

Santa Barbara Krav Maga - Santa Barbara
Instructor - Pedro Sanchez
Pedro has built up a great Krav Maga school.  If you find yourself on the central coast you should definitely check it out.  I always plan a visit to his school when I'm in California.