Progressive Resistance

Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to show you various self defense / fighting techniques in class and when a situation comes about you would be able to use those?  To be honest techniques alone aren't going to help you out in a situation.  To truly be proficient you have to be able to apply the technique you learned under pressure against someone who is not willing or fighting back.  So along comes sparring.  No one wants to get hit but at the same time both of you are trying to make contact with each other.  I bet you are thinking I don't want to get my head knocked off in sparring then along come Progressive Resistance.  What we mean by this is that like everything you start slow, at first you crawl, walk then run.  You don't go full speed when you first start and you actually don't wear any pads either.  In the beginning you are just barely touching your partner with open hands at a very slow speed  because we want everyone to learn what they are doing in a safe slow environment.  As time passes you will progressively go faster and add more resistance wearing protective equipment.  I believe that Progressive Resistance is the key to actually learn how to defend and fight off an attacker.  You will learn timing, distance, countering, movement and of course striking and you will feel the pressure of someone not complying and trying to hit you back.  We will be doing this in every class and you will see how fast  you progress.

As my Sifu Burton Richardson says " “If you want to learn how to fight, you must practice fighting against someone who is fighting back!”

Here is a link to an article about Progressive Resistance from him as well. CLICK HERE

Urban Defense Tactics Progressive Resistance