Defensive Training Systems

Tuesday and Thursday @ 5:30pm
This program is a combination of JKD Unlimited, Silat, Kali, BJJ and Krav Maga. We will work strikes and what defensive options we have in each range, kickboxing range, clinch and the ground. The below is what each style will give you.
JKD Unlimited: Striking and self defense in all ranges.
Silat: More specific for fighting in the clinch range
Kali: Working with blunt and bladed objects, how to use them and how to defend against them.
BJJ: Concentrated on the ground with and without weapons and strikes
Krav Maga: Pistol and Rifle Defense, Aggression drills, multiple attackers and specific self defense techniques.

Active Force Training

Thursday @ 6:30pm
This class will involve more resistance than our other class. We will work different scenarios against a resisting attacker, spar in different situations and ranges. We will also spar with weapons or against weapons and against multiple attackers. Protective gear is mandatory for this class. We also require that a full face helmet is used instead of the traditional boxing headgear. Headgear, MMA gloves, shin guards and groin protection is required.