George Brown
I was first introduced to martial arts like many others, by watching Bruce Lee movies as a kid.  My parents saw that I was so intrigued by it that on my 11th birthday they signed me up to take Kung Fu San Soo under Sifu Eric Nolan.  I loved it and knew that martial arts would be a life long journey for me.  Through my journey I wrestled my sophmore year in high school and after I was able to take Wing Chun under Sifu James Sweet for a short stint.

In 2006 I was in search to take martial arts again and happen to stumble on Krav Maga.  I decided to try the free class under Chief Instructor Beau Durocher and was hooked.  I loved the no nonsense approach and the practical street applications.  I signed up on my first day and til this day still consider myself a Krav Maga student under Chief Instructor Beau Durocher.

After moving back to Hawaii in 2008 I found myself again looking for a martial arts school to join.  Hawaii had no Krav Maga schools so I started looking for something as close as I could find.  I took Muay Thai and Kajukenbo for a short time, but they just weren't the right fit for me.  Then in 2012 everything changed, my wife had met the wife of Burton Richardson.  I knew who Burton Richardson was from the various martial arts magazines I had seen him in and knew he was of a great Jeet Kune Do lineage, Bruce Lee to Dan Inosanto to Burton Richardson.  I remember my first class like it was yesterday.  We sparred right away, we clinched, we went to the ground and grappled and everything was geared for the street not sport. I left class feeling exhausted and literally beat up.  I knew that I had finally found what I've been looking for in martial arts.  I am now a certified JKD Unlimited MMA For the Street instructor under Burton Richardson and will continue to learn.



          Myself and Sifu Burton Richardson on the right.