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Self Defense

Welcome to Urban Defense Tactics!  We want to train and get you ready as much as possible for real life altercations on the street. No fancy techniques here. You will learn to fight and defend yourself in all ranges, (kickboxing, clinch and ground).  We use progressive resistance in our training. This means we spar and test our abilities against a resisting attacker. This is one of the most important parts of our school. It's great learning a technique, but trying to apply that technique under pressure is another story. We blend everything from empty hand fighting, multiple attackers, empty hand vs. knife/stick, knife/stick vs knife/stick and gun threats. For more info click HERE


Fitness is a natural component to learning any type of martial arts or self defense system. Generally, martial arts can increase your strength, stability, stamina, flexibility and explosive power. There will be a lot of stand-up striking work, a lot of clinch work and a lot of ground work either with a partner hitting pads or sparring.


Most importantly we want everyone to have fun learning.  If you're not having fun doing it then why do it?  If you are having fun then you are more likely to remember what you learned and train more frequently.  This isn't a gym for egos so if you have one please leave it at the front door or find another gym.  We want our studio to be a friendly place where everyone can learn some good solid self defense together.

Who Can Learn

Urban Defense Tactics is for everyone! We welcome the experienced as well as the non-experienced. We want you to feel welcomed no matter if you have no idea how to throw a punch, kick, clinch or choke. Everyone of all sizes, shapes and ability will learn some good solid functional self defense!  We currently only have adult classes.  In the future I plan to have kids and teen classes.  At the moment though I will take teens 13 and up if they are willing to work hard and learn but they will be mixed in with the adults.

Progressive Resistance


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